Chardok Cleric Guide - Welgrim's Project 1999 Files

Cleric Guide to Chardok AE

This guide covers how to play the role of a Cleric for Chardok AE groups. It was originally contributed to the Bregan D`Aerth forums by Elleyne, with edits and additions made by Zacrez and Sesserdrix.


You need to set up a few macros ahead of time and have them on your hot bar(s). Specifically you will need one that shouts that you have healed the puller, two DA macros, and 3 or 4 macros for targeting the enchanters. The formatting can be vastly improved; I'll get around to it some day.

They will look something like this:

Hotkeys 1 Hotkeys 2

In the above images, my macros are named as follows:

The filling for these macros are as follows, and I will explain these and the strategy below:

HPuller DA1

DA2 Chan01



It is your job to make sure that you and the enchanters are fully HP buffed, including Symbol.

The puller will go out and collect mobs.
When the puller calls <INCOMING> and will ask Enchanters to make sure that you are Runed and Bedlamed. Make SURE you get these buffs (and have all HP buffs and Clarity2), and get into position. At the zone line the path makes a sharp left. Enchanters position themselves about 3 feet in from this corner, and the Cleric just to the left of the Enchanters by another foot. There should be a small amount of viewable area around the corner with your camera zoomed out. Don't zoom out fully as you will want to zoom into first person later.

When all are in position, a roamer will path and enchanters will need to mez this mob while waiting for the pull.

When the puller returns to camp, heal him/her with a small heal. Additionally here you can also have a /target macro for your puller to make sure you tag them fast.

Your puller (if they know what they're doing), will let you know as soon as mobs are in sight. As soon as they announce this (or as soon as you see first mob peek up the ramp), hit your DA1 (DB) button. The macro will announce when the chanters need to start stunning. Keep your camera zoomed out so you can see when the second wave of mobs start to come through (there will be a light trickle from first wave then second wave will be another huge mass of mobs). Hit DA2(DA) macro. If you have a good puller, he/she will have macros set up to tell you when to hit DA1 and DA2, but don't rely on it fully.

Rarely a mob or two can warp up early. If you use DA for these two mobs, it will likely run out too soon, causing the enchanters to start stunning early and leaving you with only 1 DA to last for the entire rest of the pull (usually resulting in death).

So, depending on how much you trust the puller, you might want to wait for their call to DA even if you spot 1 or 2 mobs running in. If you see a ton heading in with no message, you don't have any option but to pop DA and assume the puller missed the call. This is a little bit communication between you and the puller and a little bit art. Just something to consider.

Once mobs are all in camp, you can zoom your camera back into first person to reduce lag, and start cycling through the chanter target macros to monitor health and heal. Generally speaking, if one chanter goes down, it is probably going to be a wipe so make sure that all 3 chanters (at least) are kept healed.

That's it... loot up, random off stuffs... rinse and repeat every 20 minutes!

Sesserdrix's Official Pull YouTube Video:

* Taken from Elleyne's old guildlaunch post with info added from Zacrez & Sesserdrix